Monday, 28 December 2015

Christmas 2015

(From top to bottom)
Wonderland Magazine, The Sartorialist Book and Chocolate Mug Cake Cookbook
Jumper - Tommy Hilfiger, T-Shirt - Lucas Bavid (for Society6)
Tops - Weekday
Earrings - Zara, Bracelet - ???
Lipstick and Mascara - Lancôme, Makeup Brushes - Bare Minerals
Chocolate - Reeses and Hotel Chocolat
In true Arianne-and-Vera-married-couple-esque tradition, we spent Christmas day together. As always, the day was complete with mince pies and Moët, biscuits and banter. Aside from stuffing our faces with pigs in blanket and chocolates of every variety humanly possible, we got a couple of gifts which we really love and, as showing a pile of gift cards and pound notes isn't exactly the way to go when  sharing what you have got, here are a couple of photos of the things which we really love and you may enjoy.
This will probably also be our last post for 2015 as 2016 is only a couple of days away...oh crap we're getting old. That being said, a new year means new resolutions, and so one of these is getting more in touch with our creative sides. 
You can stab us if you don't see any more DIYs and tutorials etc. but, for now, one of us (Arianne) has just started a photography blog which you'll be hearing more about and feel free to check (seriously though guys, each page view is from a different electronic device in my household). 
We hope you had a good Christmas and best wishes for 2016 !
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Sunday, 13 December 2015

DIY : Dotted Eyeliner

Hopefully you're all as excited about the festive season as we are...presents, friends and family, and most importantly, the opportunity to try out a bunch of make-up looks to celebratory parties and events. For those of your who don't want to risk a smoky-eye look turning into a panda impression or adorn your lids with glitter for festivity's sake, this is a quirky and simple way to do eye make-up. If you're ever bored of your typical cat-eye look, this adds a nice touch.
1) Start with winged eyeliner. Some of you may or may not have difficulties doing this, so we highly recommend using a felt-tip liner as oppose to an eye-pencil or gel. To get the perfect draw and line from the edge of your eye up to your brow bone or crease, depending on if you want a more understated or dramatic look. After this, draw a triangle and line your eyes, as seen below.
2) Next, draw a dot with the eyeliner (this is where the felt tip comes in handy). The easiest way to do this is to draw a small circle which lines up with your pupil and build it up.
3) To complete the look, add a swipe of mascara.
Products used:
Eyeliner - Soap and Glory
Mascara - MAC ('Haute and Naughty')
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Sunday, 29 November 2015

OOTD: Kowadakowa

Jacket - Vintage (Wrangler)
Sweatshirt - Kowadakowa
Trousers - Topshop
Bag - French Connection
Shoes - Vagabond
Who knew not having a struggle would be such a struggle? To some this may not be a big deal, but if like me (Arianne) your iPhone camera has a crack that looks as if someone has gotten a thick swipe of eyeliner on it, then this can be quite a pain. Luckily, whilst browsing through old posts in an attempt of finding something recent and relevant, I found a couple of OOTD photos, not taken too long ago, which we had yet to post. 
We can now officially declare that we have transitioned into winter, with infrequent, disappointingly short moments of snow and more than enough rain. Before the absolute doom, gloom and misery of showers and  temperatures resembling a toddler's age, I went out wearing this. What I like the most is my sweatshirt, which was made by my cousin, who is planning on starting a lifestyle brand named Kowadakowa. Sometimes it is so hard to find something that doesn't have a sports slogan or caricature-like animal on it, so I really like the simplicity of the little white man logo.

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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Hear, Love, Wear : Kurt Cobain

As a result of a damaged camera we may not be able to publish many posts with our own recent photos. At first when my (Arianne) Canon broke, my first reaction was fear, panic and distress, but every cloud has a silver lining and so we've decided to create a series of posts sans DSLR entitled, 'Hear, Love, Wear'.
Through the posts to come, we can introduce you to some of our favourite artists/musicians, their sound and their style. So what better way to start a new series with a possibly familiar face's Kurt Cobain.
Wear - Kurt Cobain was not only a 90's icon with blonde locks and music to fuel a youth generation, but his laid-back and edgy style are known to have influenced numerous collections of brands and designers, such as Saint Laurent and Dries Van Outen. Here are some more sartorial, modern pieces inspired by the artist's casual style...
(From top left)
Coat - Mango
iPhone Case - Lucas David for Society 6
Jumper, Boots - Monki
T-Shirt - Sandro
Jeans - Topshop
Dress, Cardigan - Zara
Trainers - Converse
Hear - Dare we speak of Cobain himself without mentioning Nirvana. Personally, I love their work and am drawn towards the lyrics featured in the band's songs. Yes, it's not for everyone, but what I love most is that there are songs for when you're fuelled with angst, rage and frustration, as well as those for relaxing to. Here are some of our top songs from the band...

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Monday, 2 November 2015

OOTD: Brown Leather and Buffalos

Jacket - Burberry (Vintage)
Jumper - Zara
Jeans - Vintage
Shoes - Buffalo
Bag - French Connection
Continuing on from our previous OOTD/Health and Fitness Manifesto, this was a couple of weeks back and shot on a street concealed behind the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street. Weirdly enough, we have not been plagued with too much rain on the weather front, and this seemed like a good outfit to easily get through the tourists clambering for the best mid-season deals and fellow students on their half term break.
Believe it or not, this outfit was more or less done on the cheap - the jeans cost just as much as a cheeky Nandos, the jacket was basically free (and the bag, take advantage of your mother's stuff kids) and the trainers, oh where do I start. Whilst going around TkMaxx (Kensington High Street is where they keep all the good(ish) stuff), I found these buried under a pile of discount fluorescent Nike trainers and, better yet, they were reduced from £75 to £12. I've been so tempted to buy a pair of chunky Buffalo boots for a while but these seemed like a good and more understated alternative. I mean, if your Adidas sneakers are nearly falling apart and they would hardly put a dent in your bank account, why not?
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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Shopping is my Cardio : OOTD + Fitness Tips

The other day we went to Oxford Street for (yet another) bit of shopping (believe it or not this is not the only thing we do, see over-pressurised girls' private schools for more details). After a workout at the gym, I (Vera) wearing this outfit, which thankfully doubles as from a set of gym clothes to an all-black look .
Jacket - Acne
Leggings, Trainers - Nike
Backpack - Tori Burch
It can sometimes be hard to be motivated to sprint on a treadmill or pass time on a cross-trainer for a time space replicating a century, sweat dripping and panting like a dehydrated dog, so here are some tips to get active and make your health and fitness life easier...
  1. Drink lots of water - It goes without saying, but a good amount of water can go a long way. Not only does it keep you hydrated, but also can help to prevent muscle pain, nourish your skin and improve your digestion and metabolism.
  2. Diet - Make sure not to crash diet and exercise in excess, this could become harmful to your health and increase the likelihood of dramatic/fast weight gain in the future.

  3. Weight Training - This is not only a way of building muscle and toning, but is a fast and effective muscle of shedding weight.
  4. Do what you love - There's no point in dreading going to the gym and working out until dreaded exhaustion, so find something you enjoy and go with it. This could be an activity like pilates, swimming or even just going for a walk regularly. I box and I love it - not only is it great for strength and muscle training, but it feels great to be able to take out your anger whilst working out and having fun!
  5. Don't be so hard on yourself - Make sure your body gets a rest now and again and to not be so strict, it's perfectly okay to give yourself some time to recharge your batteries and have that slice of cake :)
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Sunday, 4 October 2015

OOTD : Silk Shirt (+ Mini Haul)

Silk Shirt - Oxfam
Top (worn under) - American Apparel
Jeans - Levi's (Vintage)
Belt - H&M
Shoes - Adidas (Superstar)
Backpack - Longchamp 
A couple of weeks ago  I (Arianne) went to Oxford Street for a rather unsuccessful shopping trip. With a limited amount of AW/15 stuff in stock at the time, I didn't manage to pick up a multitude of items for the approaching season, but only a few small things here and there. I layered this £2 silk shirt from Oxfam over a simple black top (charity shopping has become a recent obsession) , which I'm pretty sure is a pyjama top but I'm in love with the burnt orange colour so who cares anyway? I also wore my vintage Levi's (see this post for more) which have been further distressed, but I quite like them even more this way as they look a bit more worn-in.
Phone Case - Random shop 
Earrings - Urban Outfitters
Eyeliner - L'Oreal Paris
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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Round-up : The Best of NYFW and LFW

New York and London - a cities which are recognised as some of the world's top fashion capitals. As you will know, both NYC and London play hosts to one of four major fashion weeks globally, and the shows and presentations for the spring collection have just come to a close. Nowadays through social media etc. we're able to connect with places all around the world so luckily, due to a bucket-full of Pre-U work, lack of funds and an even smaller number of connections with people 'in the know', we were still able to see the highlights of the week in the comfort of our own homes. Showcasing both new talent and more recognisable designers, NYFW and LFW had a lot of diversity in it's presentation of the Spring/Summer 2016 collections - here are our favourites from the weeks...

NYFW (Arianne's Favourites)
1) Nanette Lepore - I love this collection, as well as the colour/colour scheme and silhouettes are some of my favourites, such as a-line skirts, wide trousers and simple bandeau tops. I am also obsessed with the cheeky slogans and messages which featured on Lepore's designs, as they show that fashion really does not have to be taken seriously.
 2) Sandy Liang - Out of all of the SS16 collections I have seen so far, this is the one of the few which I see as wearable off the out of the show space. Liang stuck to minimal designs, such as culottes and shirts, but added a modern and edgy twist by using small details such as fraying, sheer panels and embellishment, as well as nice textures such as leather, fur and denim.
 3) Alexander Wang - Wang brought out an amazing collection (no surprises there), which was filled with both more sporty and more grungy looks, two things which I really like about the Alexander Wang aesthetic, complete with darker tones and fabrics such as silk and denim.

LFW (Vera's Favourites)
1)  Amanda Wakeley - This collections caught my eye as there is an interesting combination of shapes and textures within Wakeley's designs. I also love the fact that she has included aspects such as low necklines and exposed shirts to add a bit more originality and making the SS16 collection more youthful.
 2) Joseph - I really like the minimalism and simplicity of the monochrome and pale colour palette, yet the different fabric textures, such as plain combined with shinier or sheer elements, make the collection so much more unique.

 3) Paul Smith - The new and revived collection from Paul Smith really caught my eye as I am in love with the combination of contrasting colours and rich hues with eccentric structures, similar to ones of Issey Miyake (one of my favourite designers).

Who's collection did you like?
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