Wednesday, 25 June 2014

DIY Distressed Mom Jeans

So after being given a pair of vintage Levi's jeans (Thanks G) and discovering they already had a few rips in them, I decided to make them into ripped jeans. I got this inspiration from friends' jeans and various pictures on Instagram and Tumblr and they were so simple to make (especially if you have a pair of old jeans you want to jazz up a little bit).

 You Will Need:
-Scissors (preferably nail scissors)
-A Pencil or Chalk
-A Ruler
1. Turn the jeans inside-out
2. Begin to draw lines where you want your holes/rips
3. Cut these slits with your scissors
4. Begin to fray. You can do this by pulling on the white thread to start off with, then pulling out the blue threads. This will reveal the white threads and give the desired ripped effect
5. Finally, (optional) put your jeans in the washing machine and dryer, this will make it look less boxy and allow the white threads to really come through
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