Sunday, 29 January 2017

Couture Fashion Week : The Round-Up

Obviously, I didn't  cop a ticket, transport myself to Paris, immerse myself with fashion royalty and drown  in champagne and macaroons, but flicking trough photos from online journals and hogging a pack of digestive biscuits did the trick...and here are my favourites from this year's Spring Couture Fashion week...
1. Margiela - The brand's collection was inspired by the notion of disguise which comes along with modern day use of social media such as Snapchat. What I liked the most is how he used this concept successfully without making the collection look childish or gimmicky - LOOK AT THE ARRANGEMENT OF THE TULLE!? (Images: Dazed and Confused)
2. Alexandre Vauthier - Although the designer sent his models down the catwalk in leather and denim for an cooler take on couture, I loved the dresses which combined shape, texture and embellishement to give the pieces an edge. (Images: WWD)
3. Chanel - As per-usual, Karl Lagerfeld pulled out all the stops to produce an outlandish show. Whilst some of the dresses were a bit too 50s housewife or walking cream-puff for my liking, I really liked the power-suits and more understated dresses. (Images: WWD)
4. Jean Paul Gauliter - Never failing to inject a bit of fun and quirkiness into a collection perfectly curated for the feminine physique, the French designer produced a flurry of different outfits inspired by artwork, the 80s, and even traditional Spanish dress...hit up JPG if you have a couple of grand to spare... (Images: WWD)
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Arianne, looklovewear

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Boots and other bits...

Hellooooo 2017! I think it's safe to say that we're all now so over 2016, or have been for a while now, and looking forward to a new year with slightly less death, war, and outrageous politicians with bight blonde hair and faces like a slapped arse...Anyway, before the end of the year it was, of course, Christmas, and I as lucky enough to get a few bits and bobs from friends and family including some sick boots which I can barely walk in (fashion is pain), big earrings and copious amounts of chocolate (unseen, probably eaten). Here are just a couple of pictures but I hope you all have an amazing new year and look forward to exciting things to come...
(From top)
Boots - Steve Madden
Magazine - i-D
Earrings - And other stories, Urban Outfitters
Electronic Brush - Amazon
Skincare - The Body Shop
Highlighter (Crescent Moon) - Topshop
Underwear, Keychain - Victoria's Secret
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Arianne, looklovewear