Sunday, 16 October 2016

Makeup Tutorial: Wet-Look Eyeshadow

 From the catwalks, to Instagram and beyond, glossy makeup is making a pull out your lipgloss from 2006 and a bright eyeshadow to create this fun eye makeup look. Although it may not be the most practical or fuss-free look, this is a quick and easy method of recreating this cool and quirky makeup...
1. Apply a light eyeshadow as a base. I just used a pearly-white shade from the Naked Basics palette to make the pink colour stand out even more.
 2. Apply a layer of pink eyeshadow on to your eyelid, and blend outwards.
 3. Apply another layer to make the colour stronger and brighter.
 4. Using your finger or a cotton swab, lightly dab clear/pink lipgloss or vaseline on your eyelid to create a glossy effect.
5. Finish by applying eyeliner and mascara .
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