Friday, 29 May 2015

Festival Makeup

We have not done a tutorial in ages and now seems like the perfect opportunity as we gear up for the summer holidays.As the warmer months approach, with a wave of events and music festivals, we thought it would be good to show you a makeup look which you can try out...enjoy! 
1. Using a peachy-brown shade, go over your whole eyelid. Once you have start this, start to build this up on the outer-third and crease of your eye.
2. Next, apply a shimmery/gold shadow over the previous shade and blend. Make sure you especially build this up on the inner corner of your eye to give a brightening effect.
3. After this, apply a streak of shadow to your bottom lashline to add some colour. We used a purple/maroon shade as it especially compliments the gold tones of the eyeshadow.

4. Once you have done this, add a few coats of mascara and a thin stroke of winged eyeliner.
5. After completing the eyes, you can now move onto the face. After applying your regular face makeup (e.g. concealer, foundation etc.), use a bronzer to add a soft glow to your skin, as well as using this or a contour kit to contour your face. We recommend that you focus on your cheekbones to emphasize your bone structure.
6. After this, you can move on to the lips. Here, we used a mid-pink lipliner, but you can change this easily depending on your skin tone.
7. To complete the look, apply some gems on your face. Here, we used small jewels and applied them with eyelash glue. However, try not to go overboard with them otherwise you may end up resembling a human disco ball....
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Thursday, 14 May 2015

OOTD: Pink Coats and Rubbish Quality

(Apologies for the picture quality, apparently IGCSE's are more important)
Coat - Motel
Sweatshirt - Primark
Jeans - Vintage Levi's 
Bag - Longchamp
Shoes - Adidas (Superstars)
 Hey Guys,
So this is just pretty much a lazy/blog filler post. Unfortunately, we have been plagued with the idea of IGCSE's and have been studying and doing exams for the past couple of weeks (hence the quality/lack of blog posts). With nearly half down, we still have a few more to go and cannot wait to burn our books and wave goodbye to some of the dreaded subjects (we're talking to you Chemisry).
Anyway, our school lets us wear our own clothes during the exam period because jeans and trackies make better substitutes for brown and blue when you are under incredible stress, and do not want the colour of your uniform to reflect your feelings towards the exam period. Yes, it feels bloody amazing to roll out of bed with hair unbrushed and toothpaste stains down your shirt (all i the name of comfort) but today I decided to go for a less sports-teacher-run-over-by-a-truck look and wear a pair of vintage Levi's and a  baggy sweatshirt - ease without scaring basically everyone in your sight.
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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Inspired: Manish Arora

We have decided to create a segment on our blog entitled 'Designer Spotlight', in which we shift our focus towards a designer every now and again, taking inspiration from their various shows and trends.
Manish Arora is an Indian fashion designer who, in 2012, left the fashion house of Paco Robanne and now focuses on his own line. 
With the fusion of Western culture and Eastern textures, embellishments and prints, Arora creates stunning and out-going pieces which have been worn by Nicki Minaj and Katie Perry. Although very outgoing, we love his psychedelic prints and the combination of urban styles, adorned with an array of shiny materials. Think a cross between Willy Wonka and Alexander McQueen with a hint of Balmain - he's known as the 'John Galliano of India' after all...


Inspired by Manish Arora