Saturday, 15 December 2012

Fantasy Fashion

Annually at our school we have an event called Fantasy Fashion. In this, any student can take part in making a dress and modelling, with some pretty good prizes at the end. So as you can imagine, backstage at a fashion show must be hectic. However, unlike the dressing rooms of Prada and Chanel, we did not have manicurists, hairdressers and makeup artists, but a bunch messy-haired, self concious and creative teenagers. But when you have many 11-18 year olds sharing one very small space...well it pretty much speaks for itself. The judges were a buyer from Marks and Spencers, an Old student, founder of our school fashion magazine and Sam from 'Sam and the Whomps' (does "Bom Bom Bom" ring a bell?). We worked as individuals but enjoyed the event very much. Although we did not win, we still had great fun walking on stage with god-knows-how-high shoes and theatrical makeup. Pictures of the show might be up soon so watch this space :)

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Haul: Part 2

Part 2 of the haul- enjoy!
Topshop- Nail Polish in Amethyst-This is a really cool colour and can be worn all season round because of the contrast between the brighter and warmer colour.
Topshop- Nail Polish in Valley- This is a really nice mint colour with a silver undertone so it looks really nice and pearly- it's a really good change to darker Autumn/ Winter colours.

Primark- Ring- This ring (surprisingly) does not look like it's from Primark. It is really good because it can be either dressed up or down.

H&M- Jumper- This is a white jumper with lace detailing on the sleeves. It seems like quite a versatile jumper that would look with either a skirt or jeans.

Urban Outfitters- Top- We immediately wanted to buy this for a close friend because it was just too cool to leave on the hanger.

H&M- Bracelet/ Cuff- This bracelet was really nice ans also quite cheap so was good quality for money. This could be particularly worn a night out as it is quite a dressy accessory.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Haul- Part 1

Retail therapy- the addiction of women (and possibly men) across the world. Whether it is pure boredom or you're feeling down, shopping is the cure to any woman's, or girl's, sadness. So today we embarked on a trip to the BEEEE-YOUU-TIII-FAAAAL shopping area that is Oxford Street in Central London. We bought some pretty good stuff- mostly presents for people though :( . This will HOPEFULLY only be one part of a two part haul so enjoy!

Primark: £12
This Jumper is actually neon but the lighting makes it look a bit drab. It's got quite big holes in it so is a bit see through. It is also 3/4 length which is quite cool to.

Bershka: £22
This is one of the nicest tanks I have seen in quite while- It has edgy and colourful rolled into one. The studded detailing on the neckline is also really good too.

Primark: £15
There arewedged trainers almost everywhere around the high street. Typically, I could not afford the Isabel Marant ones, so got these instead. The only concern about these is that they are a bit too high and I dont know how long they will last either

Topshop- £4
This Kohl eyeliner is really soft and easy to apply. It is also not too expensive which is good considering it is good quality.
Topshop- £16
This tank top is a present for a friend and is really cool. The skull has the USA flag which gives it a nice edge.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

London Fashion Weekend Trend Show

This weekend we were lucky enough to visit London Fashion Weekend. Unfortunately, we were not rich enough or famous enough to go to London Fashion Week, but went to this weekend event where you could buy tickets, visit the stalls and buy some products, as well as seeing a show. We managed to get tickets for the Trends show where we watched 3 sections- Sergeant Indigo (Military with a pop of colour), Kitchen Chic (60's style) and finally, Brocade (Dark lace and embellishment- it speaks for itself). We managed to sit in the front row (YES!) and got some good pictures of the event, enjoy!