Saturday, 29 September 2012

Haul- Part 1

Retail therapy- the addiction of women (and possibly men) across the world. Whether it is pure boredom or you're feeling down, shopping is the cure to any woman's, or girl's, sadness. So today we embarked on a trip to the BEEEE-YOUU-TIII-FAAAAL shopping area that is Oxford Street in Central London. We bought some pretty good stuff- mostly presents for people though :( . This will HOPEFULLY only be one part of a two part haul so enjoy!

Primark: £12
This Jumper is actually neon but the lighting makes it look a bit drab. It's got quite big holes in it so is a bit see through. It is also 3/4 length which is quite cool to.

Bershka: £22
This is one of the nicest tanks I have seen in quite while- It has edgy and colourful rolled into one. The studded detailing on the neckline is also really good too.

Primark: £15
There arewedged trainers almost everywhere around the high street. Typically, I could not afford the Isabel Marant ones, so got these instead. The only concern about these is that they are a bit too high and I dont know how long they will last either

Topshop- £4
This Kohl eyeliner is really soft and easy to apply. It is also not too expensive which is good considering it is good quality.
Topshop- £16
This tank top is a present for a friend and is really cool. The skull has the USA flag which gives it a nice edge.


  1. Fab haul. LOVE the neon Jumper! I need one!



  2. I need that jumper! So jealous that there's no Primark here in America :(

  3. Is that the kohl dust or the kohl pencil eyeliner because I don't know what the difference is. I want to buy the product online because I live in Miami so please reply asap x

  4. Nice jumper!


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  5. thanks for the comment on my blog! love this haul..want that topshop tee!

  6. You got some great things, love the Primark jumper :) x

  7. oh love the jumper! Its really similar to one ive seen in Warehouse for £45!
    Foundation - Thrifty or high end whats your favourite?

    1. Thank you! We like a mixture of both, it just depends on what it is :-)

  8. i love your purchases cute stuff:)


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