Monday, 28 December 2015

Christmas 2015

(From top to bottom)
Wonderland Magazine, The Sartorialist Book and Chocolate Mug Cake Cookbook
Jumper - Tommy Hilfiger, T-Shirt - Lucas Bavid (for Society6)
Tops - Weekday
Earrings - Zara, Bracelet - ???
Lipstick and Mascara - Lancôme, Makeup Brushes - Bare Minerals
Chocolate - Reeses and Hotel Chocolat
In true Arianne-and-Vera-married-couple-esque tradition, we spent Christmas day together. As always, the day was complete with mince pies and Moët, biscuits and banter. Aside from stuffing our faces with pigs in blanket and chocolates of every variety humanly possible, we got a couple of gifts which we really love and, as showing a pile of gift cards and pound notes isn't exactly the way to go when  sharing what you have got, here are a couple of photos of the things which we really love and you may enjoy.
This will probably also be our last post for 2015 as 2016 is only a couple of days away...oh crap we're getting old. That being said, a new year means new resolutions, and so one of these is getting more in touch with our creative sides. 
You can stab us if you don't see any more DIYs and tutorials etc. but, for now, one of us (Arianne) has just started a photography blog which you'll be hearing more about and feel free to check (seriously though guys, each page view is from a different electronic device in my household). 
We hope you had a good Christmas and best wishes for 2016 !
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Sunday, 13 December 2015

DIY : Dotted Eyeliner

Hopefully you're all as excited about the festive season as we are...presents, friends and family, and most importantly, the opportunity to try out a bunch of make-up looks to celebratory parties and events. For those of your who don't want to risk a smoky-eye look turning into a panda impression or adorn your lids with glitter for festivity's sake, this is a quirky and simple way to do eye make-up. If you're ever bored of your typical cat-eye look, this adds a nice touch.
1) Start with winged eyeliner. Some of you may or may not have difficulties doing this, so we highly recommend using a felt-tip liner as oppose to an eye-pencil or gel. To get the perfect draw and line from the edge of your eye up to your brow bone or crease, depending on if you want a more understated or dramatic look. After this, draw a triangle and line your eyes, as seen below.
2) Next, draw a dot with the eyeliner (this is where the felt tip comes in handy). The easiest way to do this is to draw a small circle which lines up with your pupil and build it up.
3) To complete the look, add a swipe of mascara.
Products used:
Eyeliner - Soap and Glory
Mascara - MAC ('Haute and Naughty')
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