Sunday, 13 December 2015

DIY : Dotted Eyeliner

Hopefully you're all as excited about the festive season as we are...presents, friends and family, and most importantly, the opportunity to try out a bunch of make-up looks to celebratory parties and events. For those of your who don't want to risk a smoky-eye look turning into a panda impression or adorn your lids with glitter for festivity's sake, this is a quirky and simple way to do eye make-up. If you're ever bored of your typical cat-eye look, this adds a nice touch.
1) Start with winged eyeliner. Some of you may or may not have difficulties doing this, so we highly recommend using a felt-tip liner as oppose to an eye-pencil or gel. To get the perfect draw and line from the edge of your eye up to your brow bone or crease, depending on if you want a more understated or dramatic look. After this, draw a triangle and line your eyes, as seen below.
2) Next, draw a dot with the eyeliner (this is where the felt tip comes in handy). The easiest way to do this is to draw a small circle which lines up with your pupil and build it up.
3) To complete the look, add a swipe of mascara.
Products used:
Eyeliner - Soap and Glory
Mascara - MAC ('Haute and Naughty')
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  1. wow, really interesting idea. i've seen a few looks incorporating a similar dot recently and i have to say, it's something i would love to try! at the same time it's quite a bold look though, but i love the way you've done it with minimal other eye makeup - looks great!

    -Ruby Xx

  2. such a cool look, love how this makes a huggggeee statement

  3. I love this because I do the dot underneath my eye now and I love it. I think some people still get confused with it or ask why I do it, but I think it adds an extra flare to eye makeup. Plus, it looks really cool. Great post!

  4. this is a really cool idea, your eyeliner looks perfect!

    avec danielle | holiday giveaway!

  5. This is such a cool idea! I've never tried anything like this, but I may just have to incorporate it this holiday season! Thanks for the inspiration?
    xo Kiki

  6. That's an original look! I had never considered adding a dot but I will try this :)


  7. I love that look, also your winged liner is really on point!

  8. Very cute! I've been seeing this a lot lately. It's super cute.

  9. i want to give this a go! it looks so cool on you x

  10. Cool eye make up idea. Will definitely try it for New Years's Eve!

  11. I really like it here :)
    can agree on follow4follow?
    I like to be in contact with great blog :)
    kisses from Poland :*

  12. how on earth?! you must have a really steady hand! this is beautiful. I wear glasses so I don't often wear makeup around my eyes (eyeliner makes them look smaller) but I love this look on you


    This Kid Is Alright

  13. I love this look, do it on myself quite often too! x

    Liva //

  14. This looks really cute and it's so simple - I might have to try it myself :)

    Faye x
    i wish i could wink

  15. You have the perfect eyeliner wing!! So jealous!! I wish I could do it that perfect! =)

  16. I love this look too! I wear it mostly when I´m going clubbing but sometimes also during the day. It depends how confident I feel that day...

    Your winged liner is perfect!

    I would like if you joined my blog too :)

    Nicol´s view


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