Thursday, 7 April 2016

OOTD : The Welcome Collection

Coat - Motel Rocks
Jumper - Zara
Jeans - Topshop (Joni)
Shoes - Doc Marten
Bag - Longchamp
A couple of months back I (Arianne) went to the Ann Veronika Janssens exhibition at the Welcome Collection in Euston. The name may or may not mean anything to you but this was basically the room with the pretty pastel smoke which loads of people probably Instagrammed about...
I don't normally go for an outfit this cutesy but was feeling like wearing creamy colours, shiny shoes and doing my hair รก la 90s Gwen Stefani today. May I also mention that it was bloody freezing this day, so I was able to bury my head into the neck of my jumper to stay warm. Yes, I did get a few weird looks whist sinking my head into this cylinder of wool, but there's nothing wrong with looking like a sartorial turtle...

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