Sunday, 23 September 2012

London Fashion Weekend Trend Show

This weekend we were lucky enough to visit London Fashion Weekend. Unfortunately, we were not rich enough or famous enough to go to London Fashion Week, but went to this weekend event where you could buy tickets, visit the stalls and buy some products, as well as seeing a show. We managed to get tickets for the Trends show where we watched 3 sections- Sergeant Indigo (Military with a pop of colour), Kitchen Chic (60's style) and finally, Brocade (Dark lace and embellishment- it speaks for itself). We managed to sit in the front row (YES!) and got some good pictures of the event, enjoy!


  1. What an event! Great post- do you know if the tights are henry holland?

  2. Yes the tights are Henry holland i was there

  3. I love your fashion choices


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