Friday, 30 March 2018

Hello Again : Spring Style + Favourites

It's true, I've been gone for eternity and this post is long overdue. Trust in me when I say that University has been jam-packed with reading, lectures and - admittedly- partying, which has impacted my drive to post something, not to talk of the lack of trust I have in my friends to take a decent outfit photo of me for fear of breaking my camera in the process...
Despite this, the invariable sunshine and the fact that we are heading towards Easter are merely signs that Spring is well underway and so here is a blog post with my Spring favourites, featuring some banging bargains (student budget = being thrifty = sales only)
Sunglasses - Blank Sunglasses

T-Shirt - Weekday - Weekday recently opened a store on London's Oxford Street and as much as I would have liked to walk out with the entire store's contents, I came out with this slightly cheeky t shirt for a bargain of £6.

 Top - BAPE - During the Selfridge's midseason sale I bagged this cute striped top from the girl's spinoff line by A Bathing Ape. I'm not normally a fan of stripes but was taken by the cut and high-neck style of the top.
 T-Shirt - Tee and Cake - Although a lookalike of Gucci's quirky Casper t-shirt I was dying for a new t shirt and had to pick this one up with the cute cartoon ghost
 Lipgloss - Fenty Beauty - When I got my hands on this gem from Fenty Beauty my heart may have skipped a couple of beats. I had been meaning to get my hands on a piece from Rihanna's line for yonksss and this lipgloss certainly lives up to the hype in terms of colour, shine and durability.
Americana - Don Delilo - I'll admit that it was hard to get stuck in to this book due t the conversational narrative but I have grown to love Don Delilo's novel concerning the life of a young man working in the entertainment industry in 1970's America.
Style Diaries - I was lucky enough to receive this from my Aunt in Switzerland as a birthday present. This book documents worldwide personal style. Although the book was published several years go and so some trends have since come and gone it is a great way to document the self-expressive style of individuals globally.
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  1. I loved all of your faves, especially those sunnies <3

  2. Totally loving all theses items. My favorite has to be the Fenty Beauty lipgloss which I have not gotten around to buying yet!

    Samara //

  3. Those red sunglasses are super cool - they'll be perfect in the summer!

  4. omg, girl i feel u 100% about university taking up so much time with the workload ....but also w the partying LOL. glad ur back tho and i LOVE those sunglasses! I've been on the search for some cute tiny ones that fit my face right truly a struggle

    a fucking look

  5. I'd totally love to have the cat-eye sunglasses and the Fenty Beauty lipgloss, I'm dying for it! <3

  6. I specially love the glasses. Great post.

  7. The red glasses are so cool!! They remind me of these cool YSL ones that are trending right now - uber chic! I'm all about saving money too and all things 'luxury for less' so this is my kind of find!!
    Jade Mercedes Fraser x
    My ‘Luxe for Less’ Blog: Jade With Envy | My YouTube Channel

  8. Great post, dear. Thanks for putting this up.

  9. Ahhh some amazing pickups! I adore the top sunnies and that Casper shirt is so cute (I think I prefer it to the Gucci one!)


  10. Those sunglasses are super cute! Its like a throwback to the 80's!

  11. That fenty beauty lipgloss looks so elegant. It's beautiful!

  12. Great share!We all have our favorites when spring comes..I do love sun glasses.

  13. Ohhh i love your sunnies..Nice post!

  14. Like the sunnies and the lipgloss.

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