Friday, 17 February 2017

OOTD: Red Turtleneck

Jumper - Hugo Boss
Jacket - Burberry (Vintage)
Flares - Forever 21
Shoes - Vagabond
Earrings - DIY
First of all, apologies for the poor image camera died so had to resort to the slightly more democratic iPhone 5 for outfit pictures...anyway, today I went to Brick Lane with a friend and, despite the fact that the sun has started to make a come-back appearance (I bet it won't last long), I had to layer up. Here I am unsuspectingly wearing about two more shirts under my jumper but besides that, I have really been in to the colour red recently, hence the scarlet turtleneck. Despite the fact that I don't have a lot of this in my wardrobe currently, I am dying to get more red and colourful items of clothing in the near future (R.I.P. bank account) instead of wearing black, black, and more black...but let's see how that goes...
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Arianne, looklovewear


  1. This outfit is so effortless cool! It has a formal vibe but at the same time it seems to be very cozy! I loved everything <3

  2. this look is killer!!!

  3. omg I love this outfit so much. The trousers are fab I want themmm

  4. I just love that deep red turtleneck :)

    xx, rebecca

  5. Those trousers are so cool! Love this look xx


  6. 80's vibes, I love it!
    Petra xx

  7. You honestly look so freakin cool. I love those boots and the turtleneck!


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