Thursday, 14 July 2016

DIY Off-the-Shoulder Top

Inspired by recent spring/summer collections, the infamous Zara shirts and Youtube channel 'The Fashion Citizen', here is a simple tutorial on how to make your very own off-the-shoulder top...

  • Scissors
  • Fabric
  • Elastic - (two strips measured to the width of your upper arms and one to your chest)
  • Measuring tape

 1. Firstly, measure your upper body - across your chest and around your back - and multiply this value by 1.5 for the measurement for the main piece of fabric, whilst it should be around 10 inches in length for a more cropped effects. For the both sleeves, measure your upper arm and multiply this value by two, as well as measuring your desired length (mine were about 6 or 7 inches). Make sure to leave space for the seam and elastic casing.
2. Using the pieces of fabric for the sleeves on the opposite side, sew along the seam. At this point, also stitch up where you want your casing to be, which will allow you to thread the elastic through. 
Don't forget to leave space/a gap where you can bring through your elastic.
3. Next, if desired, hem your sleeves and begin to thread the elastic. You can do this by using two 
safety pins, pushing your pieces of elastic through the casing by scrunching up the fabric along the pin (see the link for more:

4. Once you have done this, sew up the gaps you have left and turn your fabric inside out, and repeat this step for the main part of the top.
 5. Finally, using a small simple stitch, attach the sleeves to the main part of the top and voila!
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  1. Love the top its so pretty!

  2. Cute! I just made a dress like this a few posts back!


  3. luv it n ur so priti

  4. Woah insane you made that! So much cheaper than they are being sold for!

    The Blonde B

  5. Woah insane you made that! So much cheaper than they are being sold for!

    The Blonde B

  6. This is such a cool and easy DIY, I have a bunch of fabric I got on vacation that I'm gonna use to make this!!!
    xx Alyssa
    VISIONS OF NYC // @alyszsa

  7. Ahh My Gosh!! I am so excited right now! I am so obsessed with off the shoulder tops i've literally been building my collection this summer and I literally cannot wait to create more! I actually don't have one yet with the detached sleeves girlll! thank you so much for making this xx

  8. looks amazing, can't believe you made it! such a pretty top x

  9. I'm loving the material of this shirt! Even though I know how to sew fairly well and I'm obsessed with this trend, I have gotten around to actually trying my hand at DIY-ing one but this tutorial just might be the tipping point!

  10. You are so talented! I don't even know how to sew :(


  11. I love this so much! So good that you made this yourself as I've seen some shops charge a fortune for similar things x

  12. Wow, such a cool tutorial & I love how the top turned out, beautiful!
    It looks so simply so that I really wanna try it but I feel like I'd mess it up haha :'D

    Princess From Jupiter 

  13. you are so talented

  14. So look and I Love watching The Fashion Citizen's video. :)

  15. Okay, wait a minute! I'M SO IN LOVE WITH YOUR DIY!!!!
    I will try tomorrow!!! Thank you, this is insane you made it so perfectly!!!
    Best post ever!

  16. Bravo! Really beautiful


  17. You're so creative! I love your off shoulder top!

  18. Nice detailed DIY. I really have to learn how to use a sewing machine so I could do things lie this.
    Really cute top dear, you did a good job.
    Thank you for sharing :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  19. Wow. It's beautiful ! Well done sweetie !



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