Friday, 19 February 2016

New Looks for the transitional period...

As the weather brightens up and the fashion changes, so does the way in which we'd our make-up. Whilst, yes, deep red/purple lipsticks can make you look bad-ass all-year-round, this Spring we're playing with lighter, softer colours which comes with the influx of (hopefully) better weather. Along with a simple eye look which you can wear daily, we have put together three lip colours for you to try this season...
Lipstick - Bobbi Brown 'Rose'
This is a great mid-season colour as it has a very vibrant undertone, yet is suitable for everyday with a simple eye or for the night with a metallic smoky eye. Either way this is a fun, different shade to try out this season!
Lipstick - PUPA True Lips '02'
This nude is perfect for light skin tones (like my very pale skin) but would also look great on darker skin tones. It has a warm mauve undertone and it is versatile, so matches with practically any eye look. Perfect for a natural look and good for someone who is just starting to experiment with a vibrant yet neutral lipstick. 
Lipstick - MAC 'Diva' (Matte)
This colour is EVERYTHING. It looks good with a simple make-up look, allowing the colour to really pop and catch your attention, but can also be amplified with a sharp wing liner and bronzed skin. This bold, statement colour wears very well and has a nice satin finish, perfect for transitioning to spring and without looking too harsh.
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  1. Bobbi Brown "Rose" has to be my favourite! Im usually a red lipstick gal but lately Ive been gravitating to lighter, fresher colours and it looks lovely on the lips - x

    Lavinya Royes - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  2. That deep red lipstick is perfection! Such a beautiful shade - gotta love!


  3. The second look is my favourite here, I think it's quite natural and understated which I love.

  4. Love the bobby brown rose, looks amazing, thanks for sharing, you very pretty!!!


  5. gorgeous lip color! have a nice weekend!

  6. I love dark lipsticks and love this deep color

  7. Love the whole "make up changes also" hahah Love it! Love the matte lipstick, looks so good on you! Im gonna hop into store now and see if I can get some in my hands xx

  8. Love the Rose colour! xx

  9. Lovely photos
    I love the mac lipstick
    I'm following you , I hope you can follow me back

  10. That mac diva matte is a killer one!

    xoxo Eva |

  11. Mac Diva is one of my favourites, looks fab on you xx


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