Saturday, 1 November 2014

'Saatchi 'Saatchi (OOTD)

Top and Hoodie (worn around the waist) - American Apparel
Jeans and Shoes - Topshop
Jewellery - Asos
A couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to visit the Saatchi Gallery, a modern art museum in Chelsea, London. The photos seen above are just a few examples of some of the fantastic pieces which we saw around the gallery, which boasted several rooms and floors of artwork, for example, the 'Oil Room' (last photo, above) where the floor of the room is covered in oil, making a really cool and trippy reflective effect (see Google for more details as this is not the best description).


  1. I absolutely love this post!! The saatchi gallery is my favourite!!

  2. love the photography on your blog, the third picture of the side profile is flawless!

  3. Love this look and the saatchi gallery is super rad!

  4. Can you believe I've never been to Saatchi gallery? I think I should go, but London always has so many things going on and I always seem to have so little time. Ah.

  5. I'm off to the saatchi gallery soon and I'm SO excited - it looks amazing! x

  6. Saatch gallery is just where I wanna go when in London.
    Nice post and love your look,too.
    Feel free to check mine and hope we can follow each other.

  7. have never been there but live in london, can't believe that I am missing out on so much which the city has to offer! Such a cool outfit, you look great! Could I also just ask which hair products you use because you have such thick and long blonde hair (not to sound too odd), Thank You

    1. I don't use any special hair products, I naturally have quite thick hair! But remember to avoid heat, that's a big tip. Sorry I couldn't be more help xox

  8. Amazing photos: LOVE it!!! And you have a great blog. Let me know if you want we follow each other by GFC, bloglovin', google+, etc. I hope so: I'll follow you back!!! Have a nice day!!!

    *Keep in touch ;)
    ABSOkisses!!! Fanny J. ABSOmarilyn

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  9. Would love to go to London and this gallery, looks so edgy! Also really love your outfit combination, it's simple but looks great!

  10. Love this look!!!! Especially the jewelry! And the photos are gorgeous!

    with love Miina


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